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And here you thought I forgot. :)

This year wasn't as horrible as last year. My costume had a lot less complexity than last year, and as you can tell from the video I linked to previously - I got everything done well before the event itself.

This year, there was only about 200 plungers - about a third of what they had last year. A lot of this was from the last-minute 'rescue' of the event by Boulder County Aids Project after Young Professionals' Alzheimer's Association of Colorado gave it up in August. Not as much time to advertise and also the fact they started it an hour earlier than previous years.

As for the past 3 years, I've been changing into my outfit at work (as it's closer to the Boulder Reservoir), taking pictures, and heading into the event. I actually had a coworker walk in during the photo shoot this year. Poor lady. ;)

Anyway, since I was fighting with Tumblr anyway, I also uploaded pics from my previous years at the plunge. Most of the same pictures that you've seen here, but I figure it would be nice to go to a single spot for this rather than going back and forth between Tumblr and ImageShack.

And this year - I made the Denver Post, both print and online, as well as some video time with Fox31(KDVR) (My bit is about 1:09 in. :) )

So... I guess it's time to start planning 2015's Plunge...



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